How can I get Kamagra without Rx?

In the wake internet pharmacies, it is an effortless task to get Kamagra without a Rx (prescription). Until a few years ago, it was not even possible to get the erectile dysfunction pill Kamagra online hence getting it without a prescription is was cumbersome task – to say the least. Described below are the ways in which one can get Kamagra without prescription.

Avail Kamagra through online pharmacies

Getting the medication online is the best way to get the medication because some pharmacies online provide an online prescription if you do not have a doctor written the prescription. This is not done to encourage imprudent behavior but is done merely to provide an option to people who are too busy have financial limitations to consult a doctor. But not all online pharmacies have the facility of an online prescription. Hence one must dedicate some time to identify an online pharmacy that sells Kamagra along with an online prescription.
Alternatively one can also approach online sites that just provide a prescription, but do not have any products to sell. These sites exist just to provide users with an online prescription either free of charge or with a minimal consultation fee. After availing this prescription you can go ahead and order Kamagra through any online pharmacy that you generally would if you had a doctor’s prescription.
Another approach would be to choose the online pharmacy that provides Kamagra without any prescription. They just deliver the product to the doorstep of any identification process. It is usually not recommended to get Kamagra in such pharmacies because they might be counterfeit. Genuine pharmacies typically require a prescription to supply any product.

Ways to get Kamagra online

After identifying an online pharmacy, below are the ways in which you can obtain an online prescription for Kamagra:

  • Research and find out whether the pharmacy has an in-house doctor to check the medical records.
  • Upload your medical documents in the online pharmacy site or just online prescription site whichever suits your needs.
  • Usually, a doctor will then contact you to get more information about yourself and your medical history so they can provide the right prescription.
  • They provide you with the prescription for Kamagra upon successfully verifying your case.
  • Older people will generally get the prescription with the lower dose of Kamagra because they will be more susceptible to side effects.
  • After obtaining the online prescription you can just place an order for the ED med and get it delivered right to the doorstep.

But one must be sure to only get the Kamagra from online pharmacies that are genuine.

Dangers of getting Kamagra through counterfeit online pharmacies

Among other risks, the greatest risk prevailing in phony online pharmacies is that the Kamagra can be sub-standard. A sub-standard version of this ED pill might increase the intensity of side effects like dizziness and headache. The erection might last longer than 4 hours and even intensify the strain posed on the heart due to the lasting erection. Hence the single most safety factor to keep in mind is the quality of Kamagra.